OGS Notifier - iOS widget via Scriptable

Hello everyone,

I have just created a simple widget for iOS that constantly checks if it your move.


  1. Install scriptable - https://scriptable.app
  2. Download OGS Notifier.js from GitHub - GitHub - ttsantos/Scriptable-examples: Scripts leveraging Scriptable app for iOS. Sharing personal widgets. First one is about Fantasy Premier League private league.
  3. Add scriptable widget to the screen
    3.1 Select script OGS Notifier
    3.2 Add your params to the args (example: {“username”:“ttsantos”,“game”:40471380} )

Widget will tell you if we are waiting or it is our move.

Any doubts let me know.


One game at a time?

I suppose making a call to the api (as the GitHub code seems to do), one could get the list of games from https://online-go.com/api/v1/players/1106035/games?ended__isnull=1, although one might have to go through page by page, grab the game id and then navigate per game as is done in the code.

The next page appears as a “next” parameter in the json so maybe one could automate looking through it


where the player gives their player_id, instead of username and game number. maybe the format=json might not be necessarily above.

I don’t know much about the app though.

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Thank you @shinuito !

You are right regarding API usage. Since this is done on my free time, I don’t have an ETA but will follow your approach for a v2 :slight_smile:

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I will create a v2 to give you info if any of your current games has pending moves. I will follow below suggestion from shinuito :slight_smile: