OGS on SmartGo for Windows?

SmartGo for Windows has an IGS interface to play online, but has controls where you can add other online Go servers to play through the SmartGo app. Does anyone know if I can add OGS to SmartGo so I can play on OGS through my app instead of using the OGS website?

I haven’t looked, so this may be seriously in error.

SmartGo may work for other servers that use an interface compatible with the text-interactive interface used by IGS.

OGS is does not have such an interface. Everything is a Web service or a binary connection. I don’t think you will be able to just point SmartGo at OGS. Eventually, SmartGo may decide to include access to OGS, but I don’t think this will be high on their list of features-to-be-developed.