OGS on the FFG website

Last time i checked the Federation Francaise de Go website i was a bit disapointed as

1 In the suggested links to play online and practice for beginners, OGS is of less importance

Voici les deux serveurs les plus populaires :

the 2 most popular

which are the two?


2 In the more general page on go links, OGS is not included links

Is there any way to improve this even if the FFG has (had?) some agreement with KGS which could be the cause? Or can it be just some update of their website to suggest?

I mean i know that can be asked directly to the FFG, but sometimes OGS (and its community) could consider how to for its own interest. French OGS users (but not only), if you want more players here…
“It’s their problem” won’t be a positive answer.


The page hasn’t been updated for years. Things are changing, as some online competitions like the Paris tournament took place on OGS but old habits die hard and I think KGS is still the most popular server. I don’t know which one is second as IGS has lost popularity. Also the website mentions Tygem but could also have mentioned Fox which is similar.