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I had this thought today. @anoek you could use https://progressier.com/ to help people use OGS on their phone. The site is already sized for it. This just gives a short guide and also allows for notifications. This is what I use for Tsumego Dragon.

If hooked up to Progressier’s notification system, announcements that users can receive could also be notifications.

Hi @Clossius1, just hijacking this to bring to your attention that there are already phone apps for both iOS (Surround) and Android (Sente, made by me). While the user experience for users of the website on phones did improve a lot in recent years, I think the admins are happy to focus on improving the website for now.

If you have any suggestions about what’s missing in the Sente app, I’m all ears (although recently I haven’t had the time to take care of the app too much).

PS: I’m a fan of your content :slight_smile:


Thank you, the issue is my app is browser base and sente is device based. I have no way of utilizing it as a tool on my app https://tsumegodragon.com

My app’s focus is on problems but I want a super easy and smooth transition for puzzles to playing. I don’t feel that the answer is to make my own matchmaking and reinvent the wheel on a smaller car(player base)

I would love to work with you if it was possible but I think our apps are in fundamentally different platforms.

I’m trying to understand how the web app would benefit from this Progressier tool? It is already possible to “install” the web app on one’s phone and receive (some) push notifications

If the goal were to support native android/ios, then I would definitely +1 the recommendation to use Sente or Surround, but it sounds like you have a different use case…

I didn’t realize it could send notifications. :thinking:

It’s spotty, but I have gotten notifications from the web page (not sure exactly how it works)

I would say, if the core ask is more/better notifications, then I agree. But it might not require a tool like Progressier.

I use progressier for the notification as well as a header that shows on mobile that instructs users how to download the mobile app with pretty nice image tutorials. More a QoL than anything. Nothing urgent or even important.

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I had someone respond when trying to link their OGS account to Tsumego Dragon that they couldn’t find their OGS id on the OGS mobile app. I would assume this is your app so wanted to leave you the feedback.

Must be a different app because Sente has the ogs id as the first thing you see! It says “hi [ogs id] it’s your turn in X games”


Yeah… there’s no such thing as “The OGS mobile App” …


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