OGS Planned Maintenance Outage - July 22, 2016

Howdy OGSers!

First of all, let me give a huge thanks to everyone who helped us stress test the new infrastructure on our beta site and using our Translation service.

We’re feeling pretty confident that our new infrastructure is ready to go, so we’re moving up our planned migration to tomorrow, July 22nd at 11pm EDT

Normally our upgrades don’t require any downtime, but since we are migrating to new infrastructure we’re going to give ourselves an hour. We don’t expect it will take that long but this gives us a bit of a buffer in case anything unexpected pops up.

We’ll pause any game timers while everything is going on and we’ll make a few announcements between now and then. If you want to play a game during that time period, or if you want to hang around and chat about how awesome we are then hop over to our beta site which will be online and available throughout the window:

We reset the beta site again a few days ago so you’ll probably end up needing to make a new account. To be clear, nothing is going away on the production site.

Once the window is over we’ll make another announcement and let everyone know how things went and if everything is running smoothly. Thanks again for your patience and understanding, we’re really excited about this migration. As I mentioned in another post, we’ve outgrown our existing hosting provider and by doing this it’s going to give us the ability to move OGS forward more quickly… both in implementing features, and by scaling out to improve the performance of the service world wide. We have some great things coming up soon!

I’m happy to answer any and all questions and concerns either here or in the English channel on the main site or the beta site.

If you are looking for something else to do and speak another language fluently, there’s also our translation service! https://translate.online-go.com


We will have to make another account when the site migrates ?

Only for the beta site if I understood correctly


What about the groups and tournaments that have been created? Will they be cancelled too?

Nothing on the production site is getting removed or going away… we will shut down the hourly tournaments until after the migration but we’ll start them back ujp again after that.


Will we still be in the groups we were in the original server when we go into the new server? Since our username will have to change…Or can we still use the original server?

No, no, no, @11125: The usernames will be preserved, everything will be preserved.

You are perhaps confusing this with the beta (test!) server where all data is frequently deleted.

So, don’t worry, we’ll all be fine and we’ll still recognize ourselves when we look into the mirror tomorrow morning :slight_smile:


As @trohde said… literally nothing is changing on https://online-go.com I’m not sure why you think otherwise… periodically we flush all data off https://beta.online-go.com

it’s entirely possible that someone would go to sleep tonight, wake up and log in to OGS and be none the wiser that anything happened.

Just to reiterate… none of the user data, games, tournaments, ladders, friends, romans, countrymen… nothing is changing or getting removed on https://online-go.com


Did something go awry? It’s nearly eight hours after the maintenance window was scheduled to finish, but I can’t make a connection to the game servers. Is it just me or everyone?

Mh… OGS works for me.

everything is fine here, where are you connecting from? what error are you getting?

I’m in Australia. However, it’s working fine now. I was getting the “Cannot connect to game servers” error (can’t exactly remember the wording).

It happens to me today as well - I was only able to play one short game during last 4 hours. I get the “connection lost” message all the time. I’m connecting from Slovakia, if it helps.
I can’t see anyone in chat as well, however the puzzles work, for example.

I’m also getting connection lost alert constantly, games and chat pages don’t sync. Only the forums work

UK player here - also mostly getting ‘connection to the game server lost’ message for most of the day.

Fixed itself

Are there any new features/changes besides the the new OGS logo and moving to new servers?

This is mostly related to moving infrastructure… as I said in OP we’re using this as a jumping off point for new features.


@doppelganger you’re probably experiencing a problem with your browser caching the address of our old game server… maybe try clearing cache/cookies and re-opening your browser to see if you can get past it.