OGS promotion of streamers

How does it work? Do streamers just PM the mods to get promoted? I notice many of them aren’t even particularly good players or streamers so how are they getting approved? I first noticed it with xhu who is at least a mod here (and strong player) but then now it seems any random crappy streamer also gets promoted with the notifications.


If someone is streaming from OGS, we like to encourage them. We’ll also promote major go related events if approached.

Basically, so long as the person is using OGS and doesn’t have a history of being a terrible person, we’ll throw up a banner.


I see. Is it automated from the system or is there some manual approval from messaging the mods?

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It’s entirely manual at the moment.


Imagine if we could st… euh… reproduce TeamLiquid’s solution to this.

I for one would prefer if there were some quality filter :sunglasses:


Guess the community is so small that we just take whatever we can get.


Some of these streamers that get promoted are quite interesting. This evening, there were even two highly-ranked pro players streaming on twitch, which was promoted with a notification and banner (although neither was using OGS, it seems their status is enough to justify the link).

However, a disappointment with the current system is that I practically always only catch the notification/banner while in the middle of the stream, and hence miss a good chunk of the beginning. I imagine many people on OGS that see these notifications are in a similar situation.

If the system to promote these streams is manual, could it also be possible to announce these events beforehand on the forum? So that people could schedule to watch the stream from the beginning, and also we have an archive of what streamers have been promoted (if someone might want to watch the replay later).

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The problem with that is that it’s not like professional players send us an email saying “we’ll be playing in an hour if you’d like to promote us”

more often than not it is the case that a fan happens to stumble upon the already active event and thinks “other people might like to know about this, I’ll see about getting a banner up for it”

Though, your idea of keeping a record of past announcements is an interesting one…

Also worth noting is the ongoing review of site notifications.


Interesting, so it’s not often that the streamer themselves actually asks for the promotion?

Regarding the discussion in the other thread, I asked some questions about how the notification system was being used, and was hoping that someone from the moderation team (or whoever is in charge of running the notification system) could respond. I think such input from decision-makers is exactly the kind of information that the developer would be looking for before moving forward with implementation.

Who gets to decide for each notification/banner? This seems a bit ad hoc. Would it be possible to reach out to some of these major streamers to find out about their schedule?

Is this a similar system for how the notification for tournament relays get made? In those cases, would it not be possible to require those relaying tournaments to consolidate information and announce these events beforehand on the forum?

There is a short list of content creators in addition to the moderation team who have the ability to create banners.

I think the main issue is that most streamers don’t have a fixed schedule?

Same system.

It’s been discussed somewhere before that these use cases are new and we kind of had them in our lap before we had any chance to prepare for them. That’s why it all seems so ad hoc, it totally is… We weren’t expecting any of this to show up it is thoroughly community driven.

Thus, the need to discuss and review how notifications should be presented and primarily what notifications the users want to receive.

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So if I’m a streamer… How and whom do I ask to get these banners up for myself?

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Just ask, perhaps in a dedicated thread, like Ternamja did in February.

Thanks, I’ll try that :slight_smile: