I want to promote my stream when I play on OGS

Hello. I am a Korean go streamer(‘Ternamja’ is my twitch account) and have been streaming for about 2 yrs. I see promotions about streaming on OGS and I want to have one. How can I get a promotion? People say I can ask for a promotion but no one tells me HOW.

Thank you in advance.


Welcome to OGS. Hope you enjoy your stay.
I expect that a moderator will contact you.

You can also try the following email adres, but I am not sure if this is the correct way.

Good luck!


I know this is not the place for suggestions and feedback, but how hard would it be to implement an automatic system like lichess?

This is from their profile streaming options:

Then the streamers get promoted on the side of the main dashboard page (when you log in):

Probably would save time, you wouldn’t have to add and promote streamers manually (unless there’s a reason for having this manual control).

EDIT: I don’t watch streams that often, but I’ve seen plenty of people playing on OGS on twitch, with no mention that they were playing on OGS (or a link to online-go.com).

EDIT2: I searched for your stream @avogaterro, I think I’ve actually seen you play a bit!
This is what I was talking about, it would be publicity for OGS if streamers use “online-go.com” on their titles, and in return they get an automatic promotion on OGS


There’s a system that lets streamers announce themselves, once they are approved to use it… but a more streamer specific system might have advantages for sure.


I think it’s one of the things “on the list” that just hasn’t quite made it to the top yet.


Meanwhile… what in fact should the OP do at this point?


I guess we just give him announcer with the usual warning that any abuse will see it taken away? :man_shrugging:
That’s how all the other streamers get their promotions…


Ternamja is one of the more active dan level streamers. Not inappropriate and I couldn’t see him abusing it.


Hello avogaterro and welcome to the forums.

I have given you the announcement rights on OGS and will follow up with details in PM :slight_smile:


On a somewhat related note, is there some kind of poster id that manifests itself to the front-end? There are some streamers who aren’t necessarily abusive, but they post more often than I’d like, and I never have the urge to click…

Would be great to hide posts from specific posters :slight_smile:

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Not currently included as all announcements are regrettably being bootstrapped through the thoroughly ovsrworked sitewide announcement system. There is a current (though very slow) notification system rework over on GitHub that this suggestion probably belongs in, if not already there :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh cool that’s a long thread >.< But I checked the spreadsheet, and it looks like someone added that feedback in November.

Just to be clear, I DO like finding out about new events/streamers this way (best of luck to you @avogaterro- I’ll check out the stream sometime!). There is just a small minority that post too much for my taste


Thank you for answering. Visit my stream someday!

Thank you for answering. I’ll keep that in mind.

Thank you for answering, and I am glad that you have seen me playing on OGS! FYI, I always put above the board on which server I am playing, like “SERVER : OGS”. :blush:


Thank you for supporting me, my friend. I will not abuse it. :wink:

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I really appreciate it. I promise that I will not abuse the right, and that I will stream on OGS often.(In fact, I already do.)

Thank you again.


Thank you for wishing me luck! I’ll use it just when I start the stream. So, don’t worry about it. I hate spamming messages as well.