OGS Rank: Looking for an explanation

Looking for an explanation on the ranking on ogs, what all the different numbers mean?


Short version:
Kyu and dan are like grades
25 kyu being the weakest recognised grade, goes up to 1 kyu, then 1 dan comes next and goes up to 9 dan.
In theory, each grade difference should closely map to 1 handicap stone on a 19x19 board.
The bigger numbers are glicko rating points, which are similar to elo. Bigger = stronger.
You can read more about that here:


Here are your main numbers:


The middle row is your Glicko rating 1569 with a confidence interval of plus/minus 75. It’s a bit tricky to interpret that in absolute terms, since the position and scale of that number is a bit arbitrary, but that’s the underlying number used by the rating algorithm.

In the bottom row, you have your Glicko rating converted back into the kyu-dan rank system, which shows that your Glicko rating corresponds to approximately 4.7 kyu, with a confidence interval of plus/minus 1.1 ranks.

On your profile page, you have this chart:


This is just a breakdown of your rank across different board sizes and game speeds. The switch in the top-right toggles between showing the Glicko rating vs the rank conversion.

Here is a Sensei’s library article that provides more about the general concept: Rank at Sensei's Library


Thx alot!