OGS rating

Hi, i’m new to OGS.
What do these numbers mean in my profile?
I think 1904 is my current rank and every loss or win changes by 72?
If so, what does the 48000 ± 1.2 mean. thanks
1904 ± 72
4.8k ± 1.2

1904 is your glicko rating. Glicko-2 is a variant of the ELO rating system and is how we are all compared within the OGS network.
± 72 is the confidence rating, meaning Glicko is 95% confident that your rating is somewhere between 1832 and 1976.
4.8k is not short for 4,800 but rather is short for 4.8 kyu (or just a little bit stronger than 5 kyu / 5th kyu). Kyu and dan are the traditional rating system used in many asian arts, especially the martial arts, but originally from Go. Think of dan ranks as “black belt” and kyu ranks as the stages you climb to on your journey there. Here at OGS we have 25 kyu ranks and 7 dan ranks. 4.8k means you are 4.8 kyu away from “black belt” essentially.
± 1.2 again is the uncertainty value of your estimated kyu rank. Meaning glicko thinks you’re somewhere between 6.0 kyu and 3.6 kyu.


I would only add that it is safe to ignore all those messy numbers on your profile page and just look at your overall kyu ranking next to your name.


Generally speaking the ranks are spaced such that on a full size board(19x19), an even game may be achieved with one handicap stone per rank difference, more or less (I’m not trying to start an argument).

So the kyu ranks are a bit like a golf handicap where 1dan is par for the course. (Yes, it’s an extremely nasty golf course.)


It’s the 66% confidence interval btw. The 95% interval is the double of it (±144 in that case)