OGS refreshes the page on submitting moves

When playing on a slow connection, when I submit a move, if it takes too long to submit, it says error submitting and refreshes the page. That’s really not what you want to do. If a person has troubles submitting, does it really help if you force them to wait for the page to load again? It is an excruciating experience, and once reloaded, the user has to submit it again, and hope OGS doesn’t think imma restart you again. I have lost many games by timeout due to this, and now that I’m on slow connection temporarily it’s happening again and I can’t help but to bring this up. It’s said that one shouldn’t make critique here without ways to solve, so here are a few dumb ideas:

  • Don’t refresh people’s pages
  • Make the time it takes before refreshing a page longer, so the person has more chance submitting a move
  • Add a point in settings that lets user to decide whether to refresh the page
  • Ban people who have slow enough internet

Pretty drastic action, isn’t it?

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Don’t worry, this happens already as you become an unintentional sandbagger by timeouts.


If your connection isn’t adequate to support live games, we strongly recommend you play with correspondence time settings to avoid the stress and risk of a timeout.


Maybe if the opponent is a friend or someone you know you can keep pause on.

I get that this probably wasn’t a serious suggestion but it would cost OGS a moderator or two, starting with me.

Looking at your last game, if you have a poor connection you definitely shouldn’t be attempting games like this:


Obviously the time settings should be slower but I am speaking from experience when I say, “Users with a poor connection should play live games with a fischer clock.” 2 minutes + 10 seconds up to 3 minutes is still quite quick but if you keep some time on your clock, it provided a buffer to handle connection issues.

At the end of the day, it’s up to users to use the site in accordance with the limitations of their connection, as I do.

I’m not sure what the story is here. Why and when it automatically refreshes would be interesting to know.


I can see that it is the case that if you get “Error submitting move”, then (at least in some cases) it will refresh, because this happened to me just now (while testing something else).

It makes sense that it’d do that, because if there’s been an error, then we know on the browser side that we’ve probably lost track of what the server thinks, so we should ask it again for everything.