OGS server Point system

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I am curious about the point system in this server. There does not seem to be a clear guideline about how one’s level is determined.

For example if a 12kyu plays against another 12kyu what happens if one resigns instead of losing. How many points are lost if one loses a match against a weaker opponent??

How is one’s level determined after each match? Is resigning actually a sneaky way of losing less points?

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The only thing that matters is w/l, there is no difference at all whether the win was gained on points, resignation or timeout. The only exception is if the timeout was part of serial timeouts from correspondence games, which causes the game being annulled.

More info on how ratings here work can be found on OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!

tldr: every time you finish a ranked game, OGS’s algorithm takes a look of your past 15 games (or games played in last 30 days, if that is <15 games), what’s the current rating of your opponents of those games, and have you won or lost. The system then estimates a ballpark range where your ranking should be based on that information, so you will see a ±value of your rating. So rating of 2000±100 means that based on your game records, OGS is pretty sure your rating would be somewhere around 1900-2100 on the ogs’s playerpool.


Thanks for the helpful reply. So there is no difference between losing by 1 points or 100 points?

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Nope, the system only cares if the game win or a loss and against who it was.