OGS settings and IFrame

Couple things. In another post I saw someone talking about saving settings across devices and the counter argument of settings being in cookies so you could have different experiences across devices. My idea is some global settings vs local settings. I would like my board settings like custom images to be saved across devices but click to submit a local device thing.

Another request is the ability to log in using the url for example id=clossius&pw=123456 because then I could put OGS in an IFrame on my app. I reaaaaaaaally don’t want to build matchmaking. From there it would be simple for me to reward my users for playing games on OGS with simple API calls. I don’t want to build something like the APP sente on iPhone. It just feels like redundant work.

Basically I want to use OGS hard work to my benefit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I can’t imagine this is a good idea though. It’s probably better to authenticate in a proper way.


I actually realized this while eating breakfast xD

I guess I just don’t want them to have to log in every single session.

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