OGS SGF bot replayer

Hello! So there has been some relaying of long pro matches lately (from live matches) in the future I think it would be cool for high pro matches like the title ones to be replayed by a bot… like… after the match is played a day later you take the SGF file and put it into the bot for the bot toplay moves every 3 minutes I know players can see the SGF file themselves if they want but that is “by yourself” it would be cool to get other players opinions about the match while its happening so even if they saw it happen live bythe actual pros it is still worthit to replay it like this! and the reason a bot could possibly do it over a human is well honestly no one wants to spend a long period of time relaying a title match… I would defenitly fall asleep most likely :D!


Do you mean like a “Theatre Mode” where players watch SGF files together and comment on them? Would be kinda cool. :smiley:

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That sounds like a pretty cool feature indeed, I’ve added it to the list

Yeah Franzisa kaya had something similar but they never told the players what event was previewing and they had like 10 going at once and they were just matches randomly I think it would be good to just do them for special events that way people don’t get confused on what event is going on and which to join :D!