OGS Site Link Bar: Add An Indicator Of Some Sort

I have a TV with a PC hooked up to it. Windows desktop resolution is 1600x1200, but I have Windows to enlarge text, fonts, and apps by 150%.

When I visit OGS, the line of links at the top of the site is not fully visible. I must use Chrome’s Zoom setting to adjust the site in order to view it fully.

Zoom at 100%

Zoom at 90%

Zoom at 80%

It would be nice if there were some sort of little arrow or thingy that I could click on to show the missing items, rather than messing with my zoom level to gain access to them. Better yet, if those items could resize to a smaller font so that all the items always fit, that would be even better.

The Hamburger Menu is for those who don’t mind clicking once. The lines at the top are for when we’re feeling ultra lazy and can’t be bothered to lift an index finger :nerd:

I think the “hamburger” menu (three lines to the left of the OGS logo) essentially provides this, since all of those links and others are available in that menu as well. I believe there has been other discussion about making the menu button more prominent/obvious.


But you know how I feel about clicking even one more time than I absolutely have to :scream:. But this brings up a really good point. My proposed solution above means I would have to click an additional time to see the menu items.

I would now like to revise it to ask that those items resize to be smaller, so that they all fit. Because if I am going to click to reveal missing menu items, I might as well use the Hamburger Menu (I call it the three lines icon). Which I had completely forgotten about, so thank you :wink:.

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So you make them bigger, so we can make them smaller again? :man_shrugging:

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@flovo I understand nothing, but I support whatever this statement refers to.

We can simply load all games and everything else in one page and scale it down so you don’t have to scroll. Nothing easier than that. We could it call 0 click OGS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Urm… yes :face_with_monocle:. My TV is 10 feet away from my face. I have no choice! :sob: But to be clear, I only need this one thing smaller. I love the rest of it bigger :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will not comment.
I will not make the obvious joke.
I refuse.
I will not.

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