OGS smashing 2011's "Go server for the future" criteria

I was just poking around on Sensei’s Library and found this page detailing what one user, writing ten years ago, wanted the Go server of the future to be like.

Let’s see what he said.

having just a board on screen but toggle to a more containing format easily

Zen mode, we’ve got it. We can also toggle coordinates.

chose between different board appearances

Customisable boards with both default and linked images, we’ve got it.

have all the boards visible on one page for the player playing them all. Be able to zoom in to one of them when needed.

It’s not quite what he wanted, but we have thumbnailing on the homepage.

avatars for the players

Got it.

Have a waiting room.

Got it.

Time systems be able to choose of the many different time systems

Got it.

be able to play online and turn based games on the same server.

Got it.

scoring end positions under different rule sets, and be able to change the rule sets in games

We have a choice of rulesets (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, AGA, Ing). Being able to change ruleset during the game seems like a pretty pointless feature imho.

possible to chose between different engines for score evaluation

Recently achieved. One can choose between KataGo and LeelaZero (at supporter level).

show assumed dead stones

Present at the moment, under much controversy.

toggle status of assumed dead stones

How can you even score the board without this?

giving information how the score is reached (not just white wins by 2.5 points but also how many territory for each player, captured stones ed.)

EDIT: Got it! (thanks shinuito)

Escaper policy

Just having one at all? :D



Lots of professional games to download.

The idea has been raised, but I’m comfortable continuing to outsource that to Waltheri, which didn’t exist when this article was written.

Analysing games

Got it (again under various levels of controversy).

Go Problems

Got 'em.

be able to download sgf’s


be able to upload sgf

And yup.

multi language support

Getting better by the day.

supporting all OS

I think this is only an issue for client servers.

linking to Sensei’s Library for go terms

We have the /senseis command in chat.

/senseis tsumegoTsumego at Sensei's Library

We are already the Go server of the future!

now where is the rengo


That is there though. Just click on the white/black player cards.


Wow, that’s an awesome find and an awesome post, @bugcat, thank you :heart:


Seriously though @anoek please tell me it’s getting close to the top of the list by now? :heart_eyes:


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