OGS Statistics 2020 vs 2019 (Impact of Corona)

(Disclaimer: I’d love more official data and statistics, so if the OGS team wants me to create some info graphics with official data, let me know :wink: )

Because data is cool, I dug a bit deeper to see which effect Corona had on my favourite Go server. There are a few numbers I collected by going through game and accountdata on online-go.com and put them into a cute graphic.

A few remarks:

  1. As expected, the activity increased a LOT. The biggest increase happened in march, alongside the different corona measures alongside of Europe.

  2. The account registrations are extremely stable since at least 1,5 years. After a few closer checks, it seems like the increase in account registrations at the beginning of 2020 might be a few spambots that got through the cracks to create accounts.

  3. The increase in games and registrations is positive overall for our hobby of course, but considering the numbers are already decreasing again, I wonder if there are more “Newbies” coming to the game in this time at all, or if its mostly just regular go players looking for a new way to play Go during the health crisis.

It really would be a great time to expose more people to our hobby, and we should come up with better ideas for it.

Hope you enjoy looking through the numbers as much as I do :wink:


It’s been a while since we’ve seen TomaLexi

Welcome back!

I love me some graphs, join our graphs and numbers crew. Could you get into more details? The biggest question I have is how did you get the number of games data? Because as far as I know it’s impossible to get the true number of games played on OGS as outsider. Best I could do is count game ids but they aren’t pure because library sgfs also get game ids assigned and a lot of ids don’t correspond to any game at all. So I kinda gave up on games.

I still follow user registrations though. Have you seen my version? It’s more academic and I’m too lazy to make year-to-year comparison :stuck_out_tongue:

OGS scroll


Haha, yeah, I just used the accessible game IDs, I know its not clean, but it still obviously shows trends cause its … always unclean :wink: The numbers might not be correct, but the overall trends should be pretty on spot overall. I just really enjoy seeing the overall magnitude things have. Putting things in a graph makes it a lot more digestable.



The usage data for OJE is also available and shows a similar big increase upon the arrival of CV.

I literally have on my todo list for today to (try to) add a plot of it as an option on the page.