OGS Theme in the style of GOKIBITZ.COM

Hi there,

anyone besides me digging the design of gokibitz.com?

The colour and plain layout are super “sexy” and are very pleasing to the eye.

Is there a chance to get a design like that for OGS or at least an option for plain white stones without the black lining and maybe a free colour of choice for the background. white is sometimes to harsh for the eye and black has no appeal to me and some people i asked.

It feels more comfortable to the eye if you are playing for a long period of time.

Cheers to this great community and the great folks running OGS.



I really like the interface to both OGS and gokibitz and wouldn’t want either to change majorly, but a choice of background (and maybe text as well) color could definitely be helpful.

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Yeah i don’t want tu force one sites design to another site. i do like both. like you say, it’d be great to have some more options to personalize the game design. white as a background is sometimes to brigth and getting my eyes tiered to quick. black is way too dark, so maybe have some colours inbetween.


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