OGS Timer/Connection/Stone Placement issues

If you are in a game and your move does not show up, or if you appear to move and your clock is still running, you may have temporarily lost connection. OGS is investigating whether there is a problem on our end. In the meantime, if this happens to you, reload the page. You will see a popup window with the following message: “This game is still in progress. If you leave now you will automatically resign. Are you sure you wish to leave this game? (Note: reloading the page is fine and will not cause you to resign).” Continue with reload and the game should go back to normal. Please use this thread to report your experiences related to this issue. Thanks!


On correspondence games, how can we tell if the clock is running?

I haven’t heard of a problem with submitting moves in correspondence games, only with live games. If someone has experienced it, please mention it here.

I’ve seen a couple of people post in the forum about being surprised by a timeout in correspondence game. Might or might not be this problem.

I don’t know if this is the same problem but I’ll post because I forgot to when it happened. I started an open challenge with handicap against any opponent, and a 25k accepted it. After some moves I lost my internet connection for two minutes. I reloaded the page several times until I was logged on again, and I found out I have resigned. I don’t know what went wrong, I was happy I could reconnect before my time was over, but it appeared that I had resigned.

The game is this one https://online-go.com/game/1593183
I’m sorry it’s so old, maybe you can check it out anyways. I didn’t rush to post due to it being non-ranked (I didn’t lose points)

I’ve noticed issues where on some browsers on correspondence I’ll place a move, verify it’s in the right place, then hit submit and the move will change to around the top right corner. This happens annoyingly frequently, though most times the opponent lets me take back the move. Is this a known issue?

I believe there was a thread about something like that happening on mobile devices, was this on a mobile device?

Yes, it was.

How are your goban labels set? There might be workaround described in this post: Stones jumping to k19 when submitting move

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This problem happened to me as well, on tablet, Nexus 7, with Android 4.4 Kitkat and the Google Chrome browser

I had once a problem playing a move in a correspondence game from my telefone. I placed a stone, submitted the move, and the stone appeared in another place

This Server Connection Problem happens to me constantly. By that I mean a third of all games I play, and I end up losing to timeout. So unfair. I wonder are you using Microsoft server? This regularly happens with many of their applications.

I was bitten by stone placement bug this morning on iPad. Workaround no longer works. Ogs Is effectively unusable on idevices, unless I am willing to put up with occasional misplacement on line 19

is this problem being addressed at all?

Game timed out and I lost due to forfeit when it was not my turn.

I called a moderator to review/explain what might have happened, but the request was simply cleared with no contact being sent to me.

I find this problem occurs with much greater frequency when I have a high latency connection. Chiefly a wireless or satellite internet connection.

I got the “error sending move” message last night. Reloading the page failed to clear it. I navigated away to the home page and back, and the game ended, but I’m pretty sure this didn’t take 5 mins to happen. This is the game.