Ogs tutorial not working

should still be this the ogs tutorial to learn to play go?

I’m introducing an absolute beginner to the game and i wanted to use this tutorial but it doesn’t seem to work. the page reads only: hello world [tutorial]. Am I checking the wrong link or is there a problem here?

I know you guys are busy with more urgent issues so there is no urgency to fix this and I can look for other resources…I just wanted to point it out.

Thank you

AFAIK the tutorial is gone for now, it has already been discussed somewhere here if you feel like searching for it… (Where did you find the link anyway?)

In the meantime you can try this: http://www.playgo.to/iwtg/ html not pretty, but otherwise good :slight_smile:


I found it in a collection of resources for beginners here in the forum.

Sorry if it had been already discussed… oops!:grimacing:

And thank you for the answer.