OGS website never loads with Huawei Mate 8 default web browser


On the default web browser provided with my Mate 8, OGS website never loads. Or at least it seems to as I never waited until the timeout.
It works well on Firefox.

I enclose 1 screenshot showing my user agent specifications.
It don’t think it can be related to the language I am requesting (Chinese) since it works from Desktop with several zh* Accept-Language variants.
I am available for repeating my tests if needed or for sending the full HTTP headers I’m sending.



Hi Arnaudgo,

I suspect the problem is a lack of webrtc support, we currently throw an error when a browser without webrtc support tries to load the page. It’s on my list of things to fix this week, try again in a few days, and if the problem persists we’ll delve deeper :slight_smile:



I don’t know if you had the opportunity to work on that WebRTC thing. If so I let you know I the problem is still present :blush:


Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance yet :frowning:

hello :slight_smile:

Tested today, it is working now :slight_smile:


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