Okish 17 k player looking to get better at influencing the center

Hey, I started playing go about 2-3 months ago and am trying to get better (obviously). I recently had a close game against a player my skill level and noticed I was winning most of the corners, but almost had no claim to the center. My opponent made a major mistake and would have won in a landslide otherwise.

I’m also wondering if there’s anyway I could have lived in the top left corner/ left edge. I definitely misplayed, and there are probably a bunch of beginner mistakes I made in that fight.

Otherwise I thought this game was a fair representation of my current skill, I didn’t play super well nor super badly.

Thanks for your insight :slight_smile:

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I wrote a review. You might especially appreciate move 146 /147. The group later obtained by White’s blunder was already yours by right.

Oh, and please, please do change your name.

Hey @Chris_Sucks_at_Go, welcome to Go! My comment is in regards to the review process itself, not an actual review:

One cool way you can help the review process is if you make a review of your own game, and add some comments: thoughts that you were thinking at the time or alternate moves you were considering. When you explain your thinking, our reviews and comments will be more effective, especially as they are directed towards your specific thought process. You will improve faster this way! (I recommend using OGS’s Malkovich log feature as you play - your opponent can’t see this - and that way you can remember what exactly you were thinking).

When you make a review of your own game, a reviewer can comment inside your review (by playing out variations that will appear with the Move heading in the comment area), or create their own separate review from yours.

Happy Go-ing.


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You want influence?


Welcome to the dreaded underground moyo society. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can play Nirensei and then shoulder hit or high approach your opponents corners XD

While high approaching 4-4 is much less common at the pro level compared with the low approach, I think it’s a pretty nice way to grab both some territory (normal joseki follow up) and plenty of influence (pretty much all follow ups). A few points disadvantage hardly matters when we’re still at the stage of making 10 point blunders every 20 moves.

Besides fuseki, I think @Chris_Sucks_at_Go needs to know that 4th line is for influence and 3rd line is for territory. Save the second line moves for endgame! :grinning: