Oldest ogs game?

I’ve seen some people name id 1 game to be the oldest ogs game, and accordingly id 2 game as first game with moves. However first ~10000 ids are dedicated to games from 2013? For example, id 12000. It appears that the actual oldest game one can find is id 12689 from 2005, with [unknown] rules (in reality it says “ogs” if you look through api) and 6 komi.

So what’s the actual oldest games and why first ids are filled with games from 2013? Spooky made up stories are welcome too.


What we now know as ogs is the migration of two servers. I imagine they uploaded a lot of test games before taking the new server live and then migrated the old servers history after the test games rather than deleting them. (but that is just my guess.)


Alexa wiped the earlier games and mixed up the numbering, just like Alexa reportedly laughs spontaneously, turns lights on and off as a joke, and now secretly records people’s conversations and sends them to other people on the contacts list. :wink: