[on OGS] 4th European Grand Prix Finale 2020

Draw was already performed today. And we have some games planned for tomorrow. I hope someone will be online to banner these.

What are your bets on who is going to qualify for stage 2 in each group (2 people per group)?


que le meilleur gagne !

I’m thinking it should go according to ranks. In group A it’s Shikshin and maybe Frejlak? Chernykh is a little weak, I feel. In group B it’s Kachanovskyi and Pavol, strong fighters. Group C is Benjamin and Podpera. Group D is Ali and Kravets.

I agree for Ilya and Ben, but it’s really a bunch of strong guys.

No game started yet?

Today’s second game will have to go without me though



I hit 7 out of 8. Oscar won against Benjamin, that’s the one match-up I didn’t know how it could go.