Once AI analysis is enabled on a completed game, can that layer be disabled?

I have some games saved in my SGF library. I enabled AI analysis on those because I wanted to explore them and try to learn something from them.

Now, I would like to take screenshots of those games, and use specific sequences as examples of various strategies and options. Is there a way to turn off the AI analysis layer so that the colored circles and percentages are hidden?

Please and thank you!

Side note: I figured out one way to solve my immediate problem - download the SGF of the game, and upload it again to my SGF library, and then avoid doing the analysis on it. That works.

Just wondering if there’s a toggle I can flip somewhere in the UI that will disable the analysis layer once it’s been applied.

There should be a “disable AI button” just like in an ordinary game in the right hand side slide out menu.


Thank you – I could see it for looking at it!




It was there the whole time!


Tony, a question about language:

I would (or might) say “I couldn’t see it for looking at it”, but you say you could see it (for looking at it). To me, this is just wrong, as the whole problem was that that you couldn’t see it. Was it a typo or is it that a whole load of people say it like that and you copied them? It reminds me of the ‘could/couldn’t care less’ dichotomy, although I have heard the apparent nonsense of “I could care less” justified as “I could care less … but I don’t!”. That doesn’t seem to be applicable in this case, though.

Thought I’d better ask the internet about this before querying you, and it seems the internet is with me:

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Don’t necro two year old posts for irrelevant word choice corrections.


Allowing myself to answer in a closed thread:

I for one, being an ex-student of linguistics, can very much appreciate this question, and the curiosity behind it, and I did not perceive it as being disrespectful—even if off-topic, and yes, necroing :wink: