Once AI analysis is enabled on a completed game, can that layer be disabled?

I have some games saved in my SGF library. I enabled AI analysis on those because I wanted to explore them and try to learn something from them.

Now, I would like to take screenshots of those games, and use specific sequences as examples of various strategies and options. Is there a way to turn off the AI analysis layer so that the colored circles and percentages are hidden?

Please and thank you!

Side note: I figured out one way to solve my immediate problem - download the SGF of the game, and upload it again to my SGF library, and then avoid doing the analysis on it. That works.

Just wondering if there’s a toggle I can flip somewhere in the UI that will disable the analysis layer once it’s been applied.

There should be a “disable AI button” just like in an ordinary game in the right hand side slide out menu.


Thank you – I could see it for looking at it!




It was there the whole time!