One Color Go Discussion/Group

Hello! For a while we’ve been experimenting with one color go with @kickaha and @Adam3141. And here I present our first one color game that went into scoring: Here’s version with a bit of in/after game thoughts: (maybe it’ll help weaker players or something).

So would be interesting to hear your thoughts about this. Does this look like as SDK game at all? Or coloring everything white hinders our judgment too much?

If anyone is interested in these games we created a group and also we can arrange games in this topic too. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see dan players’ battling?


Thx for posting @S_Alexander!

I am having a lot of fun playing one color go at the moment! Anyone who wants to try or find people to enjoy one color go with is most welcome to join the group (see OP). It would be awesome if we were enough people to have a tournament :grin:.
Dont be discouraged by the thought of it… you wont be quite as lost in the white as you might think!


As if Go wasn’t hard enough already!! :open_mouth:

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The game play isn’t in one color.

I admire the courage of everyone involved. Thanks for posting this.

What do you like about one color go?

To me it always seemed like adding a useless annoyance like playing in a room that is too hot.

Is it the challenge? The added randomness by allowing for occasional errors due to the whiteness?

I appreciate the challenge and I certainly take my one color games seriously and try to win them. A one color game is really absorbing, since you cant afford miss anything or even get distracted for a short amount of time. I happen to enjoy that (when i know i can commit the time)!
But they are mainly meant to add some variety and (even more :scream:) confusion to the game, because its fun. Plus they provide a great excuse to meet nice people :smiley:.

Do I expect improvement? Probably not… at least not any more than i would improve otherwise. But then again… why not?

P.S.: Is it useless if you enjoy it?

When I play in one color, relation and connection between the stones is in my head, so I feel like I understand go a little bit more. And it’s a great exercise for my brain. I think playing like this can actually improve your skill, so in a way this is like solving tsumego, but fun)

I always liked how chess grandmasters can play chess without seeing the board. Since playing blindfolded go is impossible, this is second best option. When it comes to chess they say “some of the strongest masters find the actual sight of a chess position to be more distracting than helpful when thinking ahead during a game.”


The game play isn’t in one color.

What do you mean?

Clear_skies probably looked at the linked game and saw black and white stones without realising that the players were supposed to change the stone view just for themselves.

Thanks for your responses to my question.


Give it a try here:

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