One Color Go or Blindfolded Go in OGS?

I was interested in one color go game and after searching a bit in the forum. I found out that you can change the color of stone and that’s great.

So how about any similar features for blindfolded go?

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I think only way you could do blindfold go would be to have someone read out the moves for you and enter in your responses… even if we implemented a system where opponent’s moves were read out to you, I can’t think of any way we could implement a voice input system for you to make your own moves without help.

A ‘Blind-Go’ mode where only the last stone to be played is shown could work.

Regardless; you can try Blind Go here: with thanks to @S_Alexander for putting us on to it. I had fun with it.


This one looks great, thank you very much.


Just have the announcer read out intersections as you hover over them. Alternatively, only if you click once (require two clicks to play). If that spot is taken, the accouncer might say “[A1] is occupied”.

Less janky but perhaps more confusing: before each move, the announcer starts off at tengen and you designate your move with… say… the arrow keys on your keyboard and confirm with return.

I suppose 9x9 is the only viable blind-go option for most people anyway.


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