One color go

So I just had the bestest idea in the world (modest as always) and then it turned out I wasn’t the first :confused: but no matter!

I was thinking - once everything is running smoothly and to Anoek’s liking - wouldn’t it be awesome to have the option to play (unranked) go variants?

Obviously one-color go (you didn’t know what it is? Geez git gud: comes to mind first. I am imagining it shouldn’t even be THAT hard to implement, just change the sprite rendering of the stones, right? :smiley: Also the analysis or maybe even the browse tools would have to be disabled, but surely nothing our glorious developers couldn’t handle. :slight_smile: AFAIK it is not something done much by other servers so it could give OGS kind of an edge and maybe gain a bit of popularity… And I would really like to play some one-color go.

So vote one-color go for president you chumps:

Of course other variants could follow afterwards, hidden stone go, lottery go… What’s your take on this?


allready voted :slight_smile:. there are ways to play one color go on a demoboard of course (as demonstrated here: but it would be so awesome to have it implemented!

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For such a simple modification of the game as one color go it’s surprising that there’re no servers to play it on. I voted.

But it’s a long way ahead still. Maybe we should make a forum thread for one color go, so interested players could find each other and play it on demo boards (for now).


Surely a great idea! It just looks so annoying on the DB :confused: I have not tried it yet, but I assume you have to keep passing review controll back and forth and keep track of the colors separately? That just ruins the fun for me…

in our game @S_Alexander placed all stones and we both announced the coordinates of our moves in chat. its a bit of work, but not as bad as youd think :slight_smile:. just try it! you have to be carefull not to miss captures, because the stones wont be removed automatically :wink:

and a group :grin:
EDIT: I made one:

Yeah, i have the same issue.
Now i play a AI here :

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Nice! good practice, thank you :heart:

Already possible, just change colors of stones in top right menu. Set them to simple and 1 color.


Oh my god, what a nice trick! Thank you!

And you’re saying this now? :sweat_smile: Well that’s simple!. (considering you opponent isn’t a cheating bastard :smiley: )

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