One Colour Go

I’d love OGS more if they implemented a one color go feature option in games. This could help players who want to have a bit of a challenge.


Someone did mentioned to just change colors of stones in top right menu. Set them to simple and 1 color. But I can’t find that. Can someone help me find where this is?

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This should help. Just ask if you need more info:

thx this helped!
but one thing is i don’t know where my opponent played his/her last move. I played a couple games with 1 color go, and i think the last marked stone is marked with a black circle inside black stones. I had to ask the other player a couple times where they went. not complaining but its a bit too hard when you dont know where they go.

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I’ve never tried one colour go but I see your point. Regardless of custom colours, the circle that indicates the last move is the colour of the other side so…

It’s not a perfect solution but you could play with analysis switched on. You could see which was the last move by just pressing ◄. If you don’t wish to use analysis in the game you can simply agree with your opponent not to do so. One Colour Go is already played on an honour basis.

You might also find this interesting: Blindfold 9x9 challenge

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If you want one color go, message @Satomi, he’s pretty good.


I’d only play one-color 9x9… on 19x it’s way too hard. The only possible exception is replaying pro games with just the black/white stones (if you have enough).

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How about using a different color then black or white?

Funny enough no color will work. The circle chooses opponets color as its display color :grin:

Currently the only solution Is to go back one step to see what changed.

Take it as an additional challenge then :wink:

lol, why me?

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