Online forums research

Hello. First of all, sorry for the non-related post.
We are two students from the University of Copenhagen who are very interested in online forum communities and their users.
We hope that you will give us 2 min of you time to answer this survey and contribute to our research
Thank you very much

  • Atle & Christian

So, does this count as a “gaming” forum?

I assumed that gaming means computer games and that this is an “other” forum

I actually consider it gaming as a whole, computer games and board games being parts of it that sometimes overlap.

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Interesting. I think “games” would most clearly cover both and “gaming” is normally computer or online games. But then ogs is paying a game online. Does it matter that the game itself can be played irl unlike what I would understand as “computer games” the pursuit of which is “gaming”…
But I’m not an expert or young enough to keep up with the terminology these days.


It might also be a language thing: in my native language we use the word “spel” as the translation of “game”, but we also have the loan word “game” specifically for computer games. To me the word “game” therefore has a natural connotation of being about computer games, and I would not say I’m playing a game when I’m playing go.

Not sure if the same holds true for native English speakers


In English I would say that a game is a board game, like Go, or a computer game but that the hobby “gaming” is computer/online game playing. I think people would need to say “board gaming” if they meant otherwise. But I could be wrong (native English speakers are not usually reliable authorities on English)


I’d suggest translating the “forrige/næste” parts, if possible.

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I clicked the last button, and got a blank page.

That doesn’t seem ideal :slight_smile:


Same here, although for me I got an error after choosing the language and wasn’t able to get any real questions

You mean you don’t shoot terrorists IRL? :thinking:

Isn’t that annoyingly common for survey software?

Totally broken for me… I can see the bubbles but none of the questions show up.

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I haven’t encountered it before. Usually it’s at least a conclusion page that says thanks.

I didn’t try to chose a language (I don’t even recall an option for that)


Hah - I see they have recently broken it. The “Next” button is now in English, and it appears they overlooked providing translations for everything else (which was not obviously required since everything else was already in English)

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What if someone happened to be older than 100 or younger than 17/18. Well if their birth year was before 1920 or after 2002? What would they’ve done. I didn’t have this problem, I’m just curious.

By not allowing participants under 18 they don’t have to worry about consent. I guess they’re happy to take the risk of losing any potential survey respondents who just happen to be over 100.