Online.go not loading (2018-10-12)


I have tried this on Windows XP (Chrome and Firefox), Windows Vista (Chrome) and Mac (Safari) and in all cases, online.go is not loading. There only appears an empty screen. In the case of Mac, where I wasn’t normalled logged in, at first a normal screen appeared, but after logging in, again only an empty screen.
Is there some general malfunction today or did some software change?

Windows 3.1 here, looking normal. Same on palmOS.

Ihad to, sorry. :D

But if the page is white, you’re probably blocking javascript altogether, from, or cdn.(something).com

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I didn’t change any of my settings, and it would be weird if simultaneously this would happen on Chrome, Firefox on two different Windows machines and on Safari on Mac.

In any case, I just checked and Javascript is enabled. Yesterday it all still worked fine. I cannot check at my work right now, where I have Linux. But anyway, neither on Windows nor on Mac I have access…

I’d say update everything. That said, since it works for most people, perhaps you could check if other websites also don’t work, an indication that there may be something wrong with your network.

You could always try this in the commandline (windows key+R to bring up the ‘run’ box):


and if you can’t reach the website (pings time out)


which should give you an idea of where your connection ‘hangs’ if that was the case.

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Just to be sure, you mean right? :wink: There is no online.go


I missed a spelling mistake. No coffee is no excuse!

Also, if there’s no online.go yet, maybe it’s time for a mirror. :sunglasses:


The .go top-level domain doesn’t exist yet. I fear you have to buy the TDL .go first.


Sorry to get off topic here, but

Yikes! :open_mouth: I didn’t know that Win 3.1 was still being used any longer! :astonished:

I wonder how many people still use it? :thinking:

Sorry, back to main topic …

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French airports are very fond of Windows 3.1 .


“airport of Orly”

Oh, really? :thinking:

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OMG !! :scream::dizzy_face:

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Better 3.1 than Win10 I’d say. “Please hold on to your seatbelts while Windows reboots the aircraft…”

At German train stations you can sometimes spot a broken ticket machine. Those usually run Windows 95.


Surprised more services like that don’t use Debian or some other stable Linux distro

Silly Off Topic
old and evil Win joke

I’ve often heard “Hiroshima 45, Tchernobyl 86, Windows 95”.

And in at least one German Mac mailing list they we used to call “industry standard” computers “Fischkisten« (fish crates).