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I very much appreciate all the services this site provides. Would like to become a supporter. But the payment conditions are unacceptable to me. I will not use PayPal since I do not want my purchase history harvested and data-mined, and I will not type in my credit card number for you to store in the database since many sites are getting hacked and all the customer details are compromised.

Please implement payment through Payment Gateway. Any gateway, there are lots of them available. Once you do, I will support you.
If not right away, at least put it on your TODO list. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.


They do have a long to do list now I think because of some recent bugs but yeah that is a good idea. @MartinKC

Yeah I understand there are priorities, I just wish I could support, I really do, I am getting a lot of value out of this site and want to pay some back.

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Maybe even too many bugs now with lots of chat bugs and so on.I would expect it to be added in September but i am not @anoek so I don’t know.Actually tagged you anoek so you can know about this

Hi Martin,

We do not collect nor store your credit card number, we use as our credit card processor and gateway.

Stripe is a very established and secure, and they’re the ones that collect and store your credit card number, at no point does OGS ever have access to that information.

I hope that helps put your mind at ease :slight_smile:

To be clear, if the OGS servers were ever to be compromised and the entirety of our database, logs, and web traffic made available to an attacker, no ones payment information would be anywhere in there. That’s quite intentional, we don’t want to be responsible for that data, we entrust that responsibility to companies whose sole job is to handle payment data.


Hi anoek,

I very much appreciate your response. I have completely missed that. Well better safe than sorry!

Thanks! My “problem” is solved, you are already doing what I’ve just asked for. :slight_smile: