Open challenge and automatch on

Hi guys!

I really like the automatch feature, when it’s fast, but most of the time I wait for long and have to cancel it, to post an open challenge, then I find an opponent.

(And I thought… as time goes by, fewer and fewer people will be tempted by the automatch, knowing it’s too long to work, it’s a vicious cycle)

Instead, I’d like if it was possible to post an open challenge and ask and wait for an automatch at the same time - and if someone takes the challenge, the automatch request is canceled, or if the automatch finds an opponent first, the challenge is canceled.

That way, one could maximize chances of finding an opponent quickly (and maybe in the end more people would use the automatch, which would be more and more efficient, et caetera…)

What do you think about it?

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Wait, this isn’t the case already?? I can’t see any instance why you wouldn’t code the automatch button to check for existing games matching the criteria and if none exist, to then create an open one.

I don’t see what you mean… My point is it should be possible to ask and wait for an automatch and at the same time propose an open challenge, but it’s not the case actually: once the automatch is searching, you can’t create a challenge, and vice-versa -

actually I can open a challenge, then open another ogs tab in my browser , then go to the “Play” page and start the automatch, but if I do that the other way, meaning starting the automatch and opening another tab, the “Play” page displays the waiting automatch and no possibility to create a challenge.

So I realised it’s in fact possible to create a challenge and wait for automatch, but it’ll be easier not to have to “hack” it by opening different tabs, because then you can miss one of the starting games, not mentioning the case when two games start at the same time, which should be made impossible, etc…

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Sorry if I didn’t phrase myself well. I agree with everything you said. I just can’t understand why anyone would write the code such that what you want wasn’t exactly what happened to begin with. To me, it’s obvious that that is how the system should work. I’m in a lot of tournaments and ladder matches at the moment so I haven’t had a chance to test the new system but I am shocked to find out that this isn’t how it works already.