Open Player Profile in a New Tab

I’m usually trying to view players profile but it’s a bit infuriating that it must be on the same tab as what I am doing at the time. It usually leads me to reopen the tab that I was doing because I still use that tab.

So pelase OGS developer make it a feature

Sincerely, new OGS fans :smile:

Hello, new OGS fan!

This is interesting, because for me, the player’s profile is usually opening in a new tab which is a bit uncomfortable for me (especially on mobile device). What’s your setup/browser?

If you are using a mouse-equipped device, does every mouse button do the same? (For example, on Windows in Chrome-like browsers you can use middle or shift-left click to open a link in a new tab.)

I’m on Chrome/Mac, and cmd+click opens it in a new Tab. If you’re on Windows, try ctrl+click.


What trohde said if on windows crtl+click opens it in a new window/tab

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