Open sourcing Surround — my OGS client for iOS (and macOS)

Hi everyone,

I have recently made the source code of my app available on GitHub:

The main reasons I decided to make this project open source are:

  • To provide some materials that could be helpful for others who work on Go related apps or OGS integrations.
  • I hope that someone in the community will be able to use this to create a macOS app. My app can run decently well on macOS already, but I won’t have the capacity to maintain another app anytime soon.

I have started to work on the MacOS version of Surround : MacSurround :slight_smile:
If anybody wants to chip in, by writing code or testing or …
Please do reach out to either of us.


Hi I am interested in macOS surround, how can I get involved in test


I have been more then little distracted by my work in Friedreich Ataxia lately, but shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to put you on the beta testers list.


Done :slight_smile:

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