Open User's OGS profile, get prompted for download?

When I open Sofiam’s OGS profile (🐬Sofiam🐬), I get prompted to

“Do you want to allow downloads on “”?” per my OS settings for safety.

What has Sofiam loaded on their profile which generates such auto-download behavior?


Are you using safari? I guess its that song as .ogg file she has there, safari for some reason wants to download it instead just playing it like other browsers


I confirm that it’s a song in .ogg format.
I’m sorry about this. I guess you can just say “no”.

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The main problem with safari is that if you want to download sgfs you need to allow downloads, but then it downloads the song in ogg.

There is a setting to ask, but I feel like it just asks and I’m not sure there’s an “allow once” setting necessarily.


What happens with other sound file formats?

(maybe Sofia can keep her song but just use a different format?)


I’ll try now, then edit this post :slight_smile: There are at least two other people with .ogg files in their profile, though

Edit: I did it by embedding the player from another site, I think. I like this because the song doesn’t start by itself with mozilla firefox anymore.

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I guess just a little context on this… you can do all sorts of fun css stuff on your profile. It sounds like there are security implications, but they are mild enough that OGS still allows it.

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TBH, I would be happier WITHOUT all that fancy CSS and sound stuff on profiles, makes me feel a bit uneasy if unexpected things happen on a page of a site with some kind of “standardised“ design … doesn’t really feel safe to me.