OpenGotha managed tournaments

Hi All,

We’re testing out self managed tournaments using OpenGotha. You can find some documentation on the subject here: OpenGotha Tournaments · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub

In short, you can now run a tournament and use OpenGotha to deal with pairings (which supports automated pairing with manual adjustments), and supports adjusting ranks for players to whatever you want, for purposes of pairing. It also supports adding players to an ongoing tournament, have players only participate in certain rounds, and a bunch of other features that folks sometimes want and need.

With this system you also have full control over when rounds start, so you can have tournaments span multiple days or whatever you’d like.

The system should be considered “beta” quality, if you try and use it, please let me know if you run into any bumps along the way.


I guess we gotha try out the new system.


First note. I try to create a normal tournament, just with default settings, whatever, it’s ok. I then press “Edit Tournament” button, maybe change some things, then “Save Tournament”. It blinks for a second, and throws me back to the edit page. The edit seems to go through but it doesn’t let you exit edit mode, so you gotha reload the page.

Console throws red object for each save.


Now the new tournament system, on the other hand, can’t be edited at all. When I try to edit, I get an error. The problem seems to be the pairing method.

On the sidenote, I’m getting these annoying “tournament can’t be started” yet. Because I test things with only two players and it doesn’t like it or something, but sometimes it does fine. I haven’t tracked the exact behavior yet.


Has anyone used this functionality for an actual tournament yet?

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We ( used the system in a trial tournament as a test for the up coming 20th International Istanbul Go Open (online).

I have one feature request that would hugely help: opengotha now supports nicknames with player name/surnames, is it possible to use this field when importing/exporting players so that it is easier to track who is who (which would be a boon for referees) and fast track the upload of the tournament result to the EGD?

Everything else we needed seemed to work fine…
Except the time setting. But I guess changing the xml accordingly after the tournament is over is an easier remedy right now.


I believe you can use the nickname/username currently, it worked when I tested it last. I was working with a pre-release version of OG though.


I tried with opengotha v3.52 (latest) and the OGS looked up users by lastname and reported “I can’t find user” so I had to download the xml again and redo everything sans player names+surnames…


Is this still “beta”? Have you made any changes? :slight_smile:


Getting following error when importing xml with parings added. it seems like the usernames are not being recognized. I’m using OG 3.52.01. Any advice?

Could not find player for black player XXXX in round ‘1’