Opening chat when playing a move

Not really a big deal but still annoying.

When I submit a move, it sometimes open the chat box. Did happen quite a few times.
I’m on android with chrome.

It just happened in my last ladder game, and my opponent did write something when he submitted his move. It did happen in live game with the fact repeating at each move I played which was really more annoying.

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I’ve seen this issue as well. I’ve had it happen after I’ve posted a chat earlier. I think refreshing the page resets things to prevent it from happening again.

I will try refreshing next time it happens, thanks for advice.
Maybe this could be fixed at once?

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This happens a lot on my phone… primarily its because the chst box isnstill active… as in when ive sent a message in the chat on a game… it automatically assumes that im still there… so when i tap on the phone to place a stone it hopens it again. Easily remedied by clicking or tapping on somethong that isnt the board ro move rhe cursor away from the chat. Then placing your stone.

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I agree.
When I had this problem it was because the input text box on my phone was active (as if I was writing something). It was sufficient to tap somewhere else to deactivate it and solve the problem.

Ok it’s easy to go out, but still annoying when it comes back again and again in a live or blitz game.
That’s why I mention it here like a (small) glitch