Opening gone wrong

I just resigned a game very early on, after realizing I got brutally murdered due to not knowing how to handle my opponent’s opening. I tried to look up the correct variations, but could neither find white’s move into the corner after the pincer, let alone whether it is a punishable mistake or not. I just found out the hard way, that I messed up the rest in a way that ended the game far too quickly. Any explanations on these few moves would be very much appreciated.

The game is available here.

Your perception needs some tuning: Your opening was the problem not the opponents opening.

Don’t pincer when the opponent is strong on the other side of the pincer (there are exceptions to this rule. But be prepared for heavy weather). And care about the safety of your own group before you start cutting your opponent apart. Way too agressive I’d say. Also there are some instances of wrong direction: R18 should be at N18. Try to attack from the side that helps your weak groups.

Resigning was probably too early. There are some complications as white is not alive in the corner. And if white tries to push through to the center, there is a ladder for black. So, planting a ladderbreaker at E4 might be a desperate strategy worth trying.

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I did dirty & quick review.

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I’m still not sure exactly what the status of this fight is…

@Pempu I saw your variations, what about the move I pointed out with my yoyoma account?