Opening with Tengen

Generally, I feel that Tengen works best for a 9x9 board (in my opinion, but I’m sure there are many ways to start the board well). And I was wondering what the result would be like, and the chances of winning when you use it for a 13x13. I don’t play 13x13 now because I’m focusing more on the standard 19x19 for offline tournaments and 9x9 for a quick match. But how did the game go when you tried to play 13x13 with a Tengen opening? Just curious xD


Regarding your curiosity in other than tengen openings on 9x9, this may be of interest to you:
9x9 Opening Explorer (with bot evaluation scores).

I opened 13x13 on tengen only twice, in both circumstances my opponent resigned immediately, so I guess it’s 100 % winning rate. I’ve yet to try tengen on the real board where I can coerce my opponent to playing to the bitter end even if s/he is certain of their loss.


Thank you for the link, it’s really interesting. :relaxed:
Maybe I’ll try to play with tengen using a 13x13 board and compare it with normal fuseki like the asymmetric stone fuseki.