Openings in 9x9 for Beginners

Hi there,
I am pretty new to this game. Just learned it a week ago, and it is quite fun. I already see some shapes, too. But I have a feeling that my games are determined very early because I don’t claim enough territory during the first moves. Sometimes, the opponent even puts me under pressure so that I have to react and cannot spread in the first couple of moves. What are typical moves during the beginning of the game and how do I prevent my opponent to claim too much territory in the start, especially when my opponent begins?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, welcome to Go and OGS.

You can find a collection of common openings at Play Go at! | OGS (new AI version) and Play Go at! | OGS (older version using games by Professionals). Both 9x9 opening collections are made by @mark5000.

If you want to become good at 9x9 there is also 81 Lions by Immanuel deVillers with explanations about the different 9x9 openings and general strategy on 9x9.


Perfect, that was helpful! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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This may interest you as well.

All Good 9x9 Openings: All Good 9x9 Openings (

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@mark5000 that says “puzzle not found or inaccessible” when I try it

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