OpenStudyRoom Teaching Game w/ Eric Lee AGA 6dan and Lucirex, this Saturday on OGS!

Dear Weiqi-Observers, Igo-Spectators and Baduk-Kibitzers,

Saturday, February 11, 2023 4:00 PM Eric Lee AGA 6dan will play a teaching game with Lucirex, the winner of the 2nd place in the OpenStudyRoom January Dan league.

The game will be played on OGS - we invite all of you to come and kibitz with us on OGS and in our #kibitzers channel, on the OSR discord.

We will publish the game link Saturday under this post.

In case you want to find out more about the Open Study Room, join our leagues, play tsumego battles, study together, or just hang out: Come check out our Website and stop by to say hello on our Discord!

Looking forward to meet y’all!! :fire::black_heart::white_heart: :black_heart::white_heart: :black_heart::white_heart::fire:

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The game is now live, Lucirex1 vs. aoirinban !!