Opponent resigned, but I still see an active challenge in the ladder


Last night, my opponent resigned (https://online-go.com/game/13360263) very early on in the game, but I see that the game still shows as an active challenge in the ladder.


I have the same problem in this game

Last night my opponent timed out. But the challenge still appears on the ladder page and I did not advance in the ladder.


Hello guys,
sorry about that :confused: I have relayed the info to our devs, should be fixed within a day or so.

our apologies for slowing down your climb :slight_smile:


Thank you Adam. You are always quick to respond.


If possible, can i stay in the ladder without being kicked out? xD


All timeout losses automatically kick you from the respective ladder. However, your current games still count. If you rejoin the ladder you will start at the bottom but if you win any of your current ladder games you will take your opponents place as usual.


In other words, challenge like mad while there’s still time :crazy_face:


It seems that this happened again to me. This time, my opponent timed out, but the effect is the same.


It happened again: https://online-go.com/game/14465631




I’m having the same issue as @hyperpape, also on a game which timed out.

If it is any help, I timed out of a different ladder match and dropped out of the ladder during the game in question. I don’t know if this may be what has caused the current problem.

Edit: I feel like I need to be clearer here. I dropped out of the ladder and rejoined the ladder during the match in question. I hypothesise that this might be the cause of the issue.


Possibly could someone also fix this?


and this


Word on the street is those games should now be fixed :slight_smile: Sorry for the troubles.


Your sources speak the truth, I’m back to having an open challenge :slight_smile:

Thanks OGS dev team! You’re the best!