Opponent timed out in interesting game

Who should win if the game continued?

How should I use the AI analysis to improve? My OGS is in Chinese so the board coordinates are different from the AI.

Any thoughts on:

  • My early opening
  • Trying to reduce his central moyo (starting with 62 and 70)
  • His invading my lower-left corner with 85 (I should prevent it earlier)
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It looked good for you until moves 24 and 26. Both moves miss the bulge play (https://senseis.xmp.net/?Bulge), which is a vital shape point for both players that you should always play with no exceptions. Move 26 was not an opening move at all but endgame. You should avoid early endgame moves at any cost. Move 29 was an overplay that you should have cut. But I liked the opening for you in spite of all that.

This was fine. I like that you had a concrete plan and executed it well.

I agree with that. Move 84 made an empty triangle and allowed an easy invasion. It was also endgame-ish, since it saved one stone when the corner was worth 30 points. Remember not to play endgame early. Always ask yourself how many points are at stake with the move you are about to play, and try very hard not to save single stones unless they are cutting stones. Move 96 could be cut and hane at c2 and a2.

You would win. The AI shows 96% chance to win, but I think it’s more like 100%. You played well. Just remember not to play endgame early, and learn the bulge shape and make playing it second nature.