Opponent won't resign in capture go tournament

Hi there,

I’m playing in the Capture go 5th cycle tournament:

On my current game, I’ve captured one of my opponent’s stones, so as far as I understand he/she should resign, but doesn’t. I’ve sent a message on top of placing a comment in the game log, but didn’t get any answer. Any idea on what I should do?

The game is:

Thanks for any input! :slight_smile:

Did you send a message to the tournament director?

My personal recommendation would be to ditch capture go and just play regular go :wink:


I just clicked a button there … Black wins by moderator decision.

Best to call a moderator in such a case, and explain the situation to them.

Thanks for your help trohde! I’ll be sure to call a moderator next time.

I didn’t feel like playing regular go because I didn’t pay any attention to my global position at the start of the game, so I was sure to lose. :wink:

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