Opponents' ratings anomalies

I’ve recently finished a couple of ladder games and have one currently active, in all of which the opponents’ ratings appeared to be - in historical order 23k, 21k,and 18k. However, in reality their ratings were 13k,12k and 3k respectively - and have been consistently so for their last 50 games at least. Is this a site bug? It’s biting chunks out of my rating.

Chances are, you’re seeing the disparity between overall rating and the individual time-based ratings. If someone plays a bunch of blitz and/or live games, but no correspondence games, their correspondence rating will not change, while their overall and blitz/live ratings do. In the ladder games, being correspondence games, you will see their rating for correspondence.

Now, generally these ratings shouldn’t be more than a few stones apart. If they are it’s worth pinging a moderator to apply a correction to the ratings for game types they rarely play, as a 10k-15k difference would create a (probably unintentional) sandbagging effect.


Thanks pbgarden - the ratings were all for correspondence games - although in each instance the rating appeared the same in all categories. Pinging a moderator sounds like a good idea. How do I do that?

Easiest way would be to head to chat, look for a purple name, and private message them about the situation. You can just click their name in chat and pick the speech bubble.

Note that them being in chat doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking at OGS all the time, it may be a bit before they respond.

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For me, because I play 9x9 games, it is a continuing irritation here not to know my opponents’ true rank before and during the challenge dialog. Only when I begin to play (or if I take the time to look at the opponent’s info screen) do I see their true rank for 9x9 size or blitz timing, in tiny letters next to their names. The true rank can be several kyu better than the overall rank, giving me a shake-up when I realize that I will need a different handicap from the one I am stuck with. I’ve reported this here before, and nothing gets done because people don’t understand the problem or because they play standard 19x19 games and so never encounter the problem themselves. Other go playing sites don’t have this problem, but OGS is better for playing due to the ease of using it for game review and analysis and other nice features.