Opponent's vacation time jumped up from <1 hour to 6 days - bug?

One of my tournament games has been paused for the last few weeks because my opponent is on vacation. Up until last night, their vacation clock ticked down as expected. Last night I checked the remaining vacation time, which said around 57 minutes of vacation remaining. About an hour later, it said 6 days remaining. Today it still says 6 days remaining. Is it possible for my opponent to somehow add more vacation time, or is this a bug?

Our game which has been paused is here: https://online-go.com/game/6931430
The player whose vacation time went up from less than an hour to 6 days is here: https://online-go.com/player/384912/

I’ve seen reports of other vacation-related bugs that prevented the game from ending when one player ran out of vacation time, so the mods had to force the game to end. I don’t want to hold up this tournament due to a similar bug.

Just speculating - is it possible that your opponent became a site supporter? This grants extra vacation time.

Also, vacation time regenerates. It’s not specified whether it can regenerate whilst being on vacation.

It doesn’t appear that the player is a site supporter. From what I can tell, site supporters’ names appear in gold on the tournament list, and their profile pages say that they are site supporters. Neither of these is the case for this player.

You might be right that the player regenerated some vacation time that had not yet been added to their total until it expired. I searched but found no info on that possibility.

In the one game I was playing about a week or two back, I thought the clocks decremented by a couple days and then jumped back up after playing a couple moves.

Yes, I commented on it in the chat:

February 26, 2017
[19:53] Aten: Did I just lose 2 days off my clock???
Move 7
[20:31] saxmaam: Didn’t notice
Move 9
[20:35] Aten: earned it back with 2 moves

Time Control
Fischer: Clock starts with 3 days and increments by 1 day per move up to a maximum of 1 week. Pauses on weekends

If the clock pauses on a weekend, no time should elapse.

Aten, it sounds like you are referring to Fischer time, where time is added to a player’s main clock for each move made. I am talking about vacation time. My opponent has been on vacation mode and has not made any moves in a few weeks.

There is definitely something wrong with my opponent’s vacation time. It has been about 31 hours since the vacation time jumped up from 57 minutes to 6 days, but it still says 6 days of vacation time remaining. If the jump up to 6 days was legitimate, then the clock should have ticked down to 5 days by now.

I’m asking for a moderator to address this, as my opponent will never run out of vacation time at this rate and our game will never end unless my opponent shows up and starts making moves again.

goflow, you’re right that this user is not a supporter.

As for how vacations are regenerated, this is definitely not how it’s supposed to work. It actually works by continuously regenerating your vacation time while you are not on vacation. If I remember correctly you get 1 second of vacation for every 8 seconds (1 for every 5 if you’re a supporter).

I’d say this is definitely a bug.

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I understand Fischer time. I am not talking about the time that was earned back.

The original post questioned an unusual change in clock time. I reported an unexpected change in clock time.

A possible explanation is how OGS treats clocks when they are “paused” for weekends, but it does not make sense to me to say clocks are paused and then restart them as well as deducting the two days they were supposed to have been on hold.

I don’t know so I put it here; OGS can decide if it’s related or not, a problem or not, and what to do with the information.

Another day has passed and my opponent’s vacation time is still stuck at 6 days. It has been stuck at 6 days for about 2 1/2 days now, after jumping up from less than an hour remaining to 6 days.