Option to always disable analysis for yourself

I would like to suggest a new setting that, if activated, disables the analysis mode (and conditional moves) in all of your games for you, no matter if the game was created with analysis enabled or not. By default, this setting is off, so everything works as before unless you change the setting for yourself.

This setting would only affect yourself, of course - that is, if the game has been created with analysis enabled, your opponent can still use the analysis feature, but you can’t.

Here is the motivation behind the feature: I personally feel that having the analysis feature around is a crutch for not being able to read sequences in my head. Using the analysis is very convenient, but I’m not training my Go reading as I should. I could of course simply not use the analysis mode, but, alas, it is often too tempting - I’m lacking the self-discipline to stay away from the analysis mode.

Disabling analysis at game creation time is also not a full solution as you do not always have control over the settings (challenges sent to you, ladder games, etc.).

For what it’s worth, I already implemented the feature here: https://github.com/basti1302/online-go.com/tree/always-disable-analysis - it is a relatively small change.

I would like to gather feedback before creating a pull request (as the readme of the repository suggests).

So, do any of you also think this could be a useful feature? Do you use analysis more than you should?


You should disable the estimator too while you are at it.

But although I am a sad user of the crutch, I think that if I’m not using it, I want my opponent not to be. Not rational, just a feeling! Similarly, I suspect that if I got into a bother I would reach for the settings and enable it again!

I can’t see any reason why this pull request would be denied though - it doesn’t hurt anything, just a nice little setting some people might benefit from!

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I’m also poorly self disciplined. If this setting was PR’d I would most likely use it.

As mentioned in the other thread, I wish we would all just agree we really shouldn’t be using it.

Do other sites have such a thing, in use in ranked games?

If not, why would OGS chose to be the site of poor readers? :wink:

As OP has pointed out, if you disable analysis mode, you’ll need to disable conditional moves as well.

Actually, every correspondence go website I know has the analysis feature in ranked games: OGS, DGS, LittleGolem and FICGS.

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Ah - I realised I haven’t played correspondence anywhere else! :smiley: :smiley:

For the record, since there was a tiny bit of positive feedback and no negative I just went ahead and created the PR :slight_smile:



For the record, this has been implemented, merged and is now available on the live system.


Great, thumbs up :slight_smile:

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