Option to Choose if the board rotates

When you are making a puzzle, you make an example and then when other players try to solve it, the board rotates and stones change color to make a variety. Is it possible to have it so puzzle creators can choose if the board rotates or stones change color.


No, currently only the viewer can chose whether or not the puzzles rotate randomly (to make it less likely to just remember the sequences when re-playing a set multiple times). Why would you need such an option for the creator?


A puzzle creator might want to prevent rotation and/or color change for aesthetic reasons. There was a book released by @xhu98 via the OGS puzzle system. I think I remember one of the names or artistic descriptions not making much sense unless using the original color and orientation.


Yeah, I can sort of get that, but still it seems kind of a very special case, and I think usually it would not make much sense to limit the usability for users…

Perhaps a simple note to remind viewers to disable randomizers in the first puzzles might be enough for most of these cases :slight_smile:


I agree with @yebellz on this actually, for creators it would be indeed better if rotation and color swap were disabled by default.

The way I resolved this in Spindrift was: I intentionally used coordinates for moves in the comments, so that the system would automatically change them (as well as anything indicating the color, such as the word “Black” and “White”). This doesn’t always work smoothly in every language - for example, Chinese :stuck_out_tongue:


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