Option to disable banners

Does there, or will there ever, exist some option to disable banners?

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What banners do you mean?

site banners

Pics or it didn’t happen.

You must mean the announcements that appear on the upper right corner. I don’t think there will be an option to disable all of them, because devs use that to communicate important site news. But regarding announcements that are added by mods, it’s a good idea. Maybe put up an issue about that on github?


Banners should be improved not to obscure other site elements so annoyingly, problem solved. Sorry for hurried reply.


Thanks a lot mlopezviedma, that might be an idea ^^

I feel like I should clear up some false assumptions;
I have nothing against the announcement, other than them appearing, and my only query was if there was some way to disable them.

PPS; XY problem did make a fascinating read, and I appreciate the link ^^

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It’s ironic that this itself is an example of XY problem. You just substituted “don’t obscure elements” for “option to disable” as the proposed solution being put forwards instead of exploring what is the actual problem.

I can easily imagine that the problem is not “I dont like the top right being obscured”, rather the problem is “I don’t like being distracted at all, and being forced to respond to, news that Haylee is playing next week”.


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