Option to disable undo requests?


If this has been brought up before please let me know.

I think it would be great if there was an option to disable undo requests in rated games (possibly with an option to differ between live and correspondence games), meaning that neither you nor your opponent will be able to at any point request a takeback. I know someone might argue that one could just deny all such requests by playing on, however, as far as I’m concerned this can have very negative consequences for the subsequent tone of the game. By denying your opponent’s request, you might be implying you think no misclick has been played (insinuating your opponent is lying), or you do think it was indeed a misclick, but is choosing to play on regardless, taking advantage of this mishap even though your opponent is asking for the move to be taken back.

I’d prefer being able to choose not being put in this position to begin with. I’m tired of feeling obliged to either accept an undo request, possibly losing the game later even though my opponent did technically play a losing move that might or might not have been a misclick, or ignore the request and play on, feeling as though the game is now a matter of me taking advantage of a move my opponent has openly declared a mistake.

Over on Lichess this is a feature that’s been well received, and I’m wondering whether a similar option could be made available here on OGS? The rules of go do state that played stones can’t be moved or taken back, and while misclicking can certainly be annoying, for rated games I think the option of asking your opponent to be so kind as to let you play another move should only be there if both players consent to it.

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No need, its perfectly fine if you just continue the game, people will understand if you ignore the undo request. Theres nothing rude about it.

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Really now? I bet there exist people that complain when an undo request is denied.


Well… i guess, but most ppl are ok with it. It is just a request after all.

But one doesn’t have to deny it per se, the request can be just ignored by playing the next move.

PS. Just a (very current) case in point. This is exactly why I’d rather have the undo button greyed out. We were playing a nice game, he plays what he states is a misclick, and then I’m, against my will, forced to decide on a matter which by the rules of go shouldn’t even come up in the first place. Play on and have my opponent resign immediately, calling me “unfair” for not allowing him to pick a better move, or accept the request, utterly tarnishing the competitive edge of this tournament deciding game by allowing my opponent to correct a move that might or might not have been a miscklick. It’s really a lose-lose situation as far as I’m concerned, and I’d really like the option not to ever be put in it to begin with. Especially for correspondence games, miscklicks feel so amazingly avoidable with the option to enable move confirmation, this really ruined what might have been a tense and exciting game.

All the best / Knyttet


This post sums up my view on undo requests:

Even with the submit button, you can misclick, especially on a phone when scrolling down to reach the button. Did happen to me and it’s quite a good example of technical misclick.

Now I can understand your point of a global setting to deny any undo request

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This has actually happened to me too on mobile before. Same with sharing variations, eg in a review or demo board, scroll can cause all sorts of a mess to be shared instead, or just a completely different move variation from the tree.

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Mm yeah, i see :<

If it makes it any better, i think that was a bit childish from your opponent. But most players won’t act like that, its unfortunate that resigned after that.

It wasn’t even that bad of a move… >____>

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I don’t decide, I just accept. Its same as if opponent used analyze mode. I wonder why people care so much about this option. But, OK, one more line in the list of settings

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I completely agree with wanting the option to disable undo requests in rated games or all games. Even if the opponent doesn’t hold it against me, it’s still awkward and hurting my game to manually deny it.


If we’re adding options, can I just have auto accept of undo requests please?


no need to be too serious on this thing. do whatever you like and don’t get emotional. it is already a stressful game already, especially with live game under time pressure.

i was playing at kgs yesterday. in a seki where my only move is to fill in a damn to reduce my opponent liberty, i placed the stone on one of my two eyes to suicide. :sweat_smile: my opponent requested undo so i could correct that obvious misclick.

in another game on ogs yesterday, i mis-placed my stone with a two space jump while my intention was a simple jump, i did not ask for undo. there was other occasions i did request undo. my decision is quite random. there were occasions i refused undo request too.


Absolutely no. :rage:

Edit: i think i mis-read. Sure, why not is my final answer. But my opinion does not count.

(I’ve hidden the link, since we generally don’t allow posting games to complain about opponents).

I can see your problem, however forcing an opponent to play on after what they consider a critical mistake ruins probably ruins their enjoyment of the game as well. My guess is that this opponent would have resigned as well if there was no undo button.

As I said in the post linked by Martin above, nobody has to grant an undo, and you can just play on if you want. If your opponent becomes abusive because of this, please report them so that we can have a word about it. In this case, I’ll ask your opponent not to call it “unfair”, since nobody is obliged to grant undo’s.

But, as for resigning: if you don’t want to grant them an undo, and your opponent considers their game to be lost, then we also can’t really force them to continue the game, right?

I guess, if you have a lot of issues with opponents resigning games when you don’t grant them undo’s for misclicks, why not just grant the undo’s instead?


I think the suggestion is to automatically accept requests made by your opponent, not the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:

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well, this feature is a little complicated than i thought. i will not auto accept undo request. I’ve seen a player paused a couple of minutes and placed at the same position in undo. I don’t like that in a live game.

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I actually have a suggestion too. If you feel strongly about not wanting to grant undo requests, how about telling your opponent at the start of the game? Something like

"Hello, have a nice game.
Please be aware that I will not grant any undo requests, so be careful about missclicks."

If they still request undo later on and you reject it, at least they can’t say that you didn’t warn them.


kgs seems to have an option to refuse all incoming undo requests upon an undo request.

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i wouldn’t do that unless i intend to irritate my opponent

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